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Thank you to my clients for choosing to share about their sessions with me.

I have received Raindrop treatments from Catherine in both Albuquerque and in Vero Beach. I found them amazing both times. I could literally feel my stress washing away. She also moved some major blocks those days. I wish I lived closer to Catherine so I could get regular treatments. She is a very gifted woman.

Mary Romaine BS, MTOM, DOM Jacksonville, FL.


I have known Catherine for over 25 years all of which I have experienced her passion with Young Living Essential Oils. As an energetic healer, she introduced me to Young Living and how the oils could provide my clients with natural healing benefits. From the original Essential Seven kit to today’s wide variety of products, Catherine has been my trusted resource for information and healing protocols to enhance my over 25 years of experience with energetic healing.

Catherine’s expertise with the Emotional Clearing Technique and the Raindrop therapy, has provided me with exceptional results from her gifted talents. There are many talented people we associate with but I have yet to see anyone better at working with her Young Living knowledge and protocols than Catherine.

L. Harris
Transformational Energy Institute


The first time that I had met Catherine and she had mentioned a raindrop treatment I was hesitant… I knew a massage treatment was to relax tension in the body… She explained that a raindrop treatment was to relax the mind as much as the body and she was correct! She correctly picked the essential oils needed for me and WOW!!… After the session I felt not only relaxed but my mind was clear and refreshed… If anyone needs a reboot from the day-to-day routine I highly recommend a raindrop treatment to shift your body and mind.

Saundra Montoya, NM