“The body cannot be cured without regard for the soul”

Energy Therapies & Spiritual Healing combined with Young Living Essential Oils in Marietta, GA

Welcome to Essential Oil Harmony

Your spiritual and physical health is more important than anything else!

Create a life that is in harmony and is balanced internally and externally- relaxed, energized and able to thrive instead of just survive!

You can impact your life as well as your family in a very powerful and positive way by consistently using Young Living essential oils and oil infused products.

You have the power to choose to make major changes in your daily life to enhance your wellness!

Spiritual Counseling, Marietta, GA SPIRITUAL COUNSELING

Spiritual counseling is a coaching and mentoring method designed to help people along their path to spiritual growth and emotional healing.

Raindrop Technique - Reduced stress and tension and moreRAINDROP TECHNIQUE

The Raindrop Technique is a unique practice based on methods that have been used for centuries to rejuvenate the body and mind...

Vita Flex Technique - Tibetan transformational methodologyVITA FLEX TECHNIQUE

Vita Flex Technique is a powerful ancient Tibetan transformational methodology, developed thousands of years before acupuncture.

Release and Relax Session - twelve sacred oil blends that are applied to your feet, and energy centers of the bodyRELEASE AND RELAX SESSION

When you are dealing with challenges that are troubling you and weighing heavy on your heart, or if someone in your life has caused you pain...

Young Living Essential Oils - Take a moment and Breathe deeply.ESSENTIAL OILS

Whether it is from the sweet aroma of Lavender to the stimulating fragrance of Eucalyptus oils, Young Living therapeutic-grade essential oils will ignite...

Catherine Burbank - Energy Therapies & Spiritual Healing combined with Young Living Essential OilsABOUT CATHERINE

Twenty-three years ago, I made the decision to take responsibility for my own healing and chose to make a shift from conventional medicine...

Whether it is an in-person session you would like or perhaps have questions and would like a phone consultation call me now! My mission is to help you create a life for you and your family that is healthy, joyful, vibrant and abundant!

It’s time to thrive instead to just survive!

Schedule an appointment by calling me now at (505) 250-3089 for a Free Consultation!

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