Oola Grow a Powerful Emotional Support for Challenging Times!

The Young Living Oola Grow Essential Oil blend is amazing to help us move through resistance and helps us maintain our focus at the same time.  It is a very powerful emotional oil blend that has over twenty therapeutic grade oils!

The Young Living Oola Grow Essential Oil blendOola Grow will also support us in learning to stay focused on our own priorities rather than allowing others to pull us off what is important to us in terms of health, wealth and wellbeing.

Ultimately, it is important to focus on what we choose to create in our life. This is part of the spiritual growth that is necessary for us to step into our own goals and dreams.

This blend supports our nervous system and the aromatic effect brings more harmony to the body, and direction to the mind which can be especially important during challenging times.

Here are some documented uses for this blend:

Abundance, balance, blocks, chakras, clearing, concentration, confusion, day-dreaming, despair, disappointment, electrical problems in the body, fear, focus, goals and dreams, grief/sorrow, guilt, harmony in body systems, heart, jealousy, being in the moment, love (self), uplifting mood, nurturing (self), protection, restlessness, shock, stress, visualization and wellbeing.

Use diluted – 50:50 dilution (one-part essential oil: one-part V-6 Mixing oil, or organic coconut, or jojoba oil), then, apply several drops (2-4) on ears, throat, spine, wrists, neck, thymus or feet or chakras.

You can also directly inhale the aroma, or add to your diffuser!

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