Selfcare is the fuel that helps your light shine brightly!

Taken from the recent Discover YL event with Haley Jensen, here are highlights of simple, scientific solutions to rewire the brain and prevent overwhelm and excess stress in our daily life.

The body reacts to scents without being aware of it. Scents have a significant impact on the body and can evoke or create a specific atmosphere.

Easy Tips to take care of yourself Emotionally, Spiritually and Physically.

1.) Morning- Daily Check in! Create sacred space for yourself and find some time to connect with yourself and your higher power to get a clear vision of the day.

• Get the diffuser going.
Young Living Sacred Frankincense, Grounding, Sacred Mountain, Envision, or Cedarwood are excellent choices. Pick one that you are drawn to and oil up! Apply a few drops on the bottom of your feet, back of neck, inhale deeply – How are you feeling? What area of selfcare do you need to nourish yourself?

Sacred Frankincense Essential Oil

2) Meditate to gain perspective on stressful situations. Essential oils and meditation go hand in hand! The oils help to change and rewire your brain and create a Zen space. Inhale deeply and get comfortable – get in touch with your thoughts. If you have the time, do a little journaling. If something triggers you, think about what you can do to shift it and gain perspective on stressful situations.

Northern Lights Black Spruce

3. Alternate Nostril Breathing – opens the sinuses, and right and left brain and brings in more positivity and raises your vibration. It can be done anytime to reconnect and align and bring more balance into your brain. Put a drop of oil on the tips of fingers and thumb used in this alternate nostril breathing process for an added dimension to the breath work. In a few minutes you will have shifted your mindset, raised your vibration and released stress or anxiety. Even just smiling will raise your vibration!

Clarity Essential Oil

4) Clear out Negativity – Don’t take home the drama! If you are feeling negative, just take a few minutes to release those feelings.

  • Oils that are excellent for this are Young Living Palo Santo or Release essential oil blend. Put a few drops on the middle fingers and place them on the forehead, then pull your fingers up and over the head, then down the back of the neck and shoulders as you visualize negativity and heaviness releasing.
  • Then apply Young Living White Angelica to your third eye, your temples and neck to protect your mindset.

5) Gratitude Journaling – Write a love letter to yourself reinforcing a positive cycle – associate positive things with Gratitude oil. Put a few drops in your diffuser – breath in slowly and feel gratitude for all the blessings in your life.

6) Daily Movement – 30 minutes a day will increase energy and oxygen and is a great way to cope with stress and support digestion. If you are aching or sore, the Young Living CBD Muscle Rub gives a deeper relief than just oils alone and will encourage more movement in general. Adding more movement to your day will:

Increases endorphins and other mood boosting brain chemicals that increase happiness and can help decrease anxiety and stressful feelings.

Gives your immune system a boost.

Helps burn excess calories – great for weight management.

Connects you to your body and helps improve your physical self-image.

Helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. However, exercising at night may keep you awake and make sleeping more difficult.


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